Roza's Dips


Roza's Dips are fresh, clean tasting, delicious and so very very more-ish. Our favourites are Beetroot and Pomegranate and Roasted Capscum, which both happen to be dairy free, so nice and light. 

Artichoke and Garlic (more like Garlic and Artichoke) keeps people coming back to our Wilston Store - team it with some herb pita and you will arrive at flavourtown. 


About Roza's Gourmet 

What began in 1991 as a simple way for the then-housewife Roza to indulge her passion for cooking quickly became a burgeoning business, as an increasing customer base took pride in purchasing Roza’s Gourmet sauces from the end of her driveway.

Over 28 years later, Roza’s philosophy that “the right sauce can turn any meal into a feast” has grown into small business success story, a testament to her fresh, natural approach to food.

Be well and live deliciously!