Sauc'd Lownslow Pouch


Brisbane local, Sam, produces rubs bursting with flavour to really elevate any any bbq, using only fresh, high quality ingredients.

The Weekend - the casual cooks best friend. Goes with EVERYTHING from Chicken to Pork to Veggies. Smokey Paprika, with a light Umami finish. 

Gentleman's Blend - Coffee Spice rub, longing to coat a hunk of brisket or ribs on the smoker. Rich, hints of chocolate, yet surprisingly earthy tones.

Spilt Gin - Juniper and Citrus, fresh and zesty, enough said. This is a bright rub to transform you back to long lazy summer nights. 

One Eighty Blend -  smoky and zesty, made with fried chicken on the brain but also a perfect match for grilled chicken or fish. 


About Sauc'd Lownslow

The passion for food is a family trait, Sam learnt from is father teaching him to cook around their family table and now his own children are the harshest of critics … only the best will do

“there are no mistakes in cooking, only opportunities to discover hidden flavour”