Local Cocoa Bar


Coming from the UK, I always thought Australian chocolate left a little to be desired - well Local Cocoa has proved me wrong! 

In LOVE with the Dark Orange, other varieties available. (ok, they are milk, dark, milk salted caramel and milk coffee) 

About Local Cocoa

This chocolate has been created from cocoa grown sustainably in far north Queensland, harvested and processed by Australian farmers and then conched by Local Cocoa with other Australian natural ingredients.

'inspired by passion'

Belgian Delights is a business inspired by a passion sustained through three generations, to create exquisite couverture chocolates to be shared and enjoyed. Second Generation chocolatiers Robert and Monique migrated to Australia in 1987 and opened a s6pecialty chocolate and pastry shop, where they sold their goods to local retail and wholesale clients. The couple has two sons, Dominique and Christophe, who returned to Belgium in the 90’s to learn the chocolate trade in the authentic Belgian way. 

Now big on sustainability, the have created this new line 'Local Cocoa' using chocolate beans grown in Far North Queensland. And with their expertise ... perfection!