Silver Tongue Crackers


Sourdough crackers born from the love of the magic of sourdough which naturally occurs in the indigenous ecosystem of yeast and lactobacillus. Together they breakdown gluten, yielding a product that is easier to digest, with vitamins and minerals made more bioavailable in the process. The breakdown of gluten unlocks the natural protein of the wheat germ leaving scrumptiously delicious flavours

Delicate and crisp - we love both the Celery Salt and Smokey Salt verisions equally, and wont be forced to pick a favourite! 

About Silver Tongue Sourdough Crackers 

At Silver Tongue Foods believe that time is the key ingredient to ensuring our premium Sourdough Crackers will always produce the perfect crispness and flavour profiles that come from the fermentation of premium ingredients.

The journey began with a 35 year old starter lovingly cared for throughout three generations of Eastern European family cooks, with a mission to source the very best local ingredients available and be true to "Australian Made".