Ernest Hiller Chocolates


Classy packagaing screams gourmet - chocolate inside screams EAT ME! 

The Scorched Almonds are a win, the dark chocolate mints, are even better, dont get me started on the macadamias .....


About Ernest Hillier 

When Ernest Hillier began making chocolate in Australia in 1914, he started a love affair that continues today.

Ernest Hillier Chocolates is Australia’s first and oldest chocolatier. More than a century ago, Ernest Hillier introduced Australia to the finest couverture chocolate. His delicious creations used the finest ingredients, brought new taste sensations, and looked beautiful. The signature red Hillier boxes became an icon of good taste. 

Producing premium couverture chocolates is a tradition at Ernest Hillier Chocolates. Today’s dedicated team of chocolatiers follow in Ernest’s footsteps, creating unique chocolates with the same passion and respect and using the finest ingredients.

The Hillier reputation for quality continues.