Chefs Pantry


Know a budding chef? We think we have put together a little collection of items, that all have a little twist to them - challenging even the most adventurous of cooks! 

New England Black Garlic Truffle Mustard

Josh and Sue Rose Harissa 

Tasman Pepperberry SeaSalt

Ugly Food and CO Sayur Lodeh

Truffle Honey

SaltBird Kaffir Lime and Chilli Salt (*cough, great to rim a margarita glass *cough cough* ) 

Sauc'd Lownslow Coffee Rub

WillowVale Lemon Myrtle Oil

Sabarac Miso Chilli Powder 

Byron Bay Peanut Butter Co Red Satay Sauce - prepare to get addicted. 

Koala Eco Kitchen Cleaner - Kitchen rules 101 - every chef needs a clean and tidy kitchen!