Melbourne Bushfoods - Native Herbs & Spices (20g)


21 year old Hayden Mark founded Melbourne Bushfood in 2019. What began as a passion project to tackle issues of equality and sustainability has now grown into a fully fledged, and delicious business. Hayden has partnered with Aboriginal Enterprises, Wild Harvesters, and Small Farmers across the country to ensure that all the ingredients are ethically sourced and as fresh as possible

The perfect gift for experimental cooks and foodies alike!

The attention and respect native Australian bushfoods are getting is growing by the day. For roughly 60,000 years Indigenous Australians have relied on native australian flora to help sustain them. These ingredients may be as old as time, however their flavour is timeless. 

Pepperberry (whole) - More versatile and complex than the standard peppercorn. It's fruitiness suits both savoury and sweet dishes. Try using it in a simple yoghurt-based salad dressing, or even coarsely ground over ice cream.

Lemon Myrtle - A natural partner to chicken, however equally at home in laksas, curries and paired with seafood. It can also be used to make a refreshing morning tea!

Wattleseed - It's dark chocolate & nutty flavour lend itself to baking particularly well. Add it to muffins, biscuits, pancakes and even meringues!

Saltbush - This powder can be added to salads, pasta or eggs as a low-sodium substitute for salt. It makes a great addition to a home-made focaccia or freshly baked bread.