Bitesize Biscuits


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In Greece the term Kerasma means 'to be treated', and when it comes to hospitality the Greeks take Kerasma very seriously. It is common practice to be treated to a complimentary sweet when ordering a coffee at any Greek cafe.

This generous gesture was the inspiration for sisters Suzanne Dakis and Susan Kotros to found Bitesize back in 2006. Prior to this the sisters had owned and operated cafes and had always been looking for a point of difference to add value to their coffee service. They experimented with a range of different complimentary treats, however it wasn't until they began making their own homemade 'bitesize' Kourabiedes (aka Greek cookies) that they struck a chord. Following the incredible popularity of their cookies they decided to sell their cafes, and focus all their attention on their new crumbly enterprise. 

These premium cookies make the perfect accompaniment to a coffee or tea. Host your guests generously as the Greeks would, and embrace Kerasma with Bitesize!