Deva Cacao - Chocolate Bunnies


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Deva Cacao boasts one of Australia's only organic tempered raw chocolate ranges. Great for any friends or family following a paleo diet!

Their products are free from dairy, gluten, soy, GMO ingredients, artificial colours & preservatives, and each one is naturally sweetened with Australian honey. But most importantly, they taste incredible! 

Raw chocolate simply refers to chocolate made from cacao that has not been roasted. The purpose of roasting cacao is to drive off any unwanted bacteria, enhance aroma and loosen it's outer husk. However, this extreme heat treatment process also kills all the good nutrients and bacteria naturally present in the cacao.

**High quality chocolate can be troublesome to ship via courier as it is extremely heat sensitive. We are always happy to accommodate delivery, however we strongly advise that you pick-up your order if possible.**