Mabu Mabu - Herbs & Spices


Nornie Bero heads up the fabulous Mabu Mabu, alongside her other indigenous ventures, Big Esso Bar & Kitchen and Tuck Shop catering company. 

Nornie hails from Mer Island in the Torres Strait, so supporting indigenous culture is at the very heart of all of her projects. She is truly a pioneer in the field of indigenous food appreciation here in Australia, turning her 20+ years experience as a chef towards our native fauna with some delightful results.

  • Pepperberries - a powerful substitute to pepper, best used in moderation on meat and roast vegetables.
  • Saltbush - a rich umami flavour that can be added to soups, sauces and curries.
  • Lemon Myrtle - can be used as a substitute for lemongrass or preserved lemon in curries and tagines.
  • Ground Wattleseed - adds a rich an earthy flavour to curries, dahl or mac'n'cheese.
  • Strawberry Gum - use it as a flavouring in cakes, biscuits or panna cotta.

Feeling gin-venturous? Ground down some Lemon Myrtle or Strawberry Gum, mix with good quality salt flakes for the perfect cocktail rimming garnish