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Tumami by Alice is truly a kitchen staple! Simply made from Australian Organic tomatoes & black garlic that have been cooked down into a concentrated paste. This creates an intense umami flavour bomb that can be used as the foundation for a array of different recipes. Think of it like the vegemite equivalent for tomatoes & garlic.

Soups, stews, stocks and pasta sauces will be enhanced immeasurably wih the addition of a tablespoon of Tumami. Alternatively you could use to liven up a classic bruschetta or grilled cheese sandwich. Ultimately, if you spend a lot of time mucking around in the kitchen, you should give Tumami a go! We love it.

Alice Zaslavsky rose to fame with her appearance on Season 4 of MasterChef Australia back in 2012. Her bubbly energetic personality won over the judges and audiences alike, and though she would eventually be eliminated from the competition her food adventure was only just the beginning...today she is a radio host, author, educator, and has even hosted Iron Chef Live!