Nosferatu Distillery - An interview with Rory Smith

Nosferatu Distillery - An interview with Rory Smith - Mumbleberry

February 14, 2024

Rory Smith is a man who follows his passions.

His love of film lead to him becoming a TV & Video editor, and his love of great booze lead him to starting both a distribution company and, most recently, his own gin distillery.

We love supporting passionate people here at Mumbleberry, and Rory has always supported us in kind.

We hope you enjoy a little peak into Rory's world!

We know small business is hard. Is there an inception story to your brand? What got you started or gave you the push to start your own enterprise?

For over a decade I’d owned Bouchon, a wholesale importation and distribution company of Wines and Spirits, importing products from around the world and selling these alongside an extensive Australian range of alcoholic beverages. I love the business, but my dream was to one day create and produce my own brand. Being in Brisbane, a vineyard wasn’t an option, so it fell to my other great love for gin and spirits. I established the distillery initially in Melbourne in 2018 (one of the 1st on Oz) and then moved the operation to Bowen Hills, Brisbane in 2022, where we have an events bar, café and cellar door. 

Who or what do you draw inspiration from? 

In a previously life I used to be a TV & Video editor and studied Film and Television in Brisbane. Whilst admittedly I was not great as an TV editor, I gained a love of old movies and when it came to making an designing a gin brand around a Blood Orange Gin (my favourite), I thought of linking my past career to my present and naming the gin after an old movie. Because we wanted a blood orange gin, I naturally thought of blood and that lead me to Vampires and old Vampire movies. The first ever Vampire movie was Nosferatu made in 1922. It has long had a cult following and the movie still scares me with its striking imagery.

Other than yourself of course, who is your favourite artisan producer here in Australia? How come?

Four Pillars is my other favourite distillery. They pioneered the craft gin market in Australia and make great gin. They have done some great gins and cool packaging. Plus I like and admire Cam their head distiller.

We know Australia is the best place on earth, but what makes it so special to you? What’s your favourite thing about Australia? 

Diversity, in culture, cuisine and approach to life. We are all very lucky to live here, just look around the world. My only concern is around the taxes, particularly the excise on alcohol which is the highest in the world.

Which of your products are your favourite to gift to others or share with friends around the table?

We think the Ginner Party Satchel is a great gift, with its 4 x200ml bottles. Each of the gins is designed to go with food, so that you can have a ‘Ginner Party’. The four gins are paired to go with Entrée, Main, dessert and Cheese. That plus the Nosferatu Blood Orange gin – its still my personal favourite. I’m biased for sure, but think this is a unique world class gin and others agree, its one a double Gold in the San Francisco Spirit Awards.

You can try Nosferatu's glorious gin right here

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