Liquid Chai - An interview with Bille Rae

February 28, 2024


We caught up with Billie from Liquid Chai to pick her brain about all things Chai.

Located on the idyllic Sunshine Coast, Liquid Chai is the story of one families obsession with this spiced Indian beverage.

We love businesses like Liquid Chai that are committed to quality above all else. In a fast-paced world they have chosen to slow things down, and herein lies the secret to their irresistible chai. Each batch is brewed gently and slowly in order to extract the maximum flavour. Yum!

We know small business is hard. Is there an inception story to your brand? What got you started or gave you the push to start your own enterprise?

Running a small business definitely presents its challenges, but for us, it's been a journey fuelled by passion and family entrepreneurship. Liquid Chai is a venture managed by three of us - my parents and myself. My parents (Naomi & John Rae) have been self-employed since their teenage years, owning and operating various businesses.

The inception of Liquid Chai stemmed from a combination of factors. It all started with my mum’s longstanding love for chai. After reading 'Shantaram' many years ago, she was captivated by the description of the chai in the book. Unable to find a chai that matched its allure, she took matters into her own hands and began crafting her own blend. For years, she perfected her recipe, brewing batches and leaving them bottled for our family and friends to enjoy.

The idea of sharing this perfected chai with others came about when my sister recognised its potential for both home users and cafes. It is a product that is quick and easy to use, but also so versatile and can be enjoyed by everyone.

With a blend of passion, timing, and complementary skills, the decision to start Liquid Chai felt right. Each of us brings unique strengths to the table. My mum is the heart of our production, affectionately known as the 'chai queen,' while my dad’s friendly demeanour and natural sales skills make him an ideal fit for engaging with customers (he loves to chat!) As for myself, I gravitate towards the digital realm, handling online operations, organisation, and numbers. Together, we form a well-rounded team, covering a wide spectrum of expertise and ensuring the success of Liquid Chai.

Who or what do you draw inspiration from? 

In our previous response, we discussed what initially inspired my mum to start this journey. One aspect that continues to inspire her is the desire to offer a product that truly resonates with consumers. Providing a product worth purchasing, one that enriches lives and enhances daily experiences. Our product caters to a diverse range of consumers, making the enjoyment of high-quality chai - easy, quick, healthy, affordable and available to everyone. In essence, she believes that life is too short for bad chai!

Other than yourself of course, who is your favourite artisan producer here in Australia? How come?

Personally, I love Pana Organic. Their Hazelnut Chocolate spread is absolutely divine, and their ice cream is simply irresistible. What's more, their entire range is dairy-free, which means I can enjoy it guilt-free - just like our chai!

My mum's favourite artisan producer is Botanical Cuisine. She adores their Persian Macadamia Feta cheese. Yum! 

As for my dad, he's a big supporter of our local farmers' market, and his favourite Aussie producer there is Cake by Ayaka. Ayaka is a Japanese Dessert Maker located on the Sunshine Coast, and her cakes are a weekly indulgence for him - he can't get enough of them!

We know Australia is the best place on earth, but what makes it so special to you? What’s your favourite thing about Australia? 

We feel incredibly fortunate to call the Sunshine Coast our home! It truly feels like paradise here, surrounded by the breath-taking lush hinterland and pristine beaches. Living in this beautiful setting allows us to lead a healthy and relaxing lifestyle, embodying the essence of Australian living. For us, Australia is all about bush, beaches, and friendly faces.

One of the favourite aspects of Australia for us is the vibrant local market scene. While we showcase our product at these markets, they offer much more than just business opportunities. Each visit is a delightful outing filled with genuine connections and enjoyable moments. These markets foster a wonderful sense of community, encouraging everyone to support small businesses and local producers. We feel incredibly grateful and proud to call Australia our home.

Which of your products are your favourite to gift to others or share with friends around the table?

This one's easy to answer! Our Liquid Chai is hands down our favourite go-to for gifting and sharing with friends around the table ;). It's like a warm, cosy hug in a mug with every sip. We put so much love into crafting it, using only top-notch ingredients without any nasties. It's thoughtful, enjoyable, and perfect for chai lovers or anyone who just wants to snuggle up with a delicious drink. Trust me, Liquid Chai is guaranteed to be a hit at any gathering!

You can try Liquid Chai here!

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