Hot Toddy - Sauces


Inspired by her travels through India, former Masterchef contestent Sarah Todd has put together a collection of hot (and not so hot) sauces that are sure to suit every palate.

  • Kashmiri Tomato - Sweet, friendly and gently spiced (1/10)
  • Sweet Chilli - Mild chilli with a good lick of sweetness (3/10)
  • 7 Spice Siracha - Spiced with the famous Japanese 7 shichimi spices (4/10)
  • Birds Eye Chilli - A flavourful middle of the road chilli sauce (6/10)
  • Ghost Chilli - Not for the feint of heart... (9/10)

Sarah's obvious love of India comes through in the little details she adds to her hot sauces. A spice here, a herb or two there. We particularly love her Kashmiri tomato sauce as offers a pleasant change from the classic Aussie tomato sauce recipe. Perfect for samosas!