Chocolate coated goodies, from Adelaide. Emmalines Country Kitchen is exactly that - a country kitchen using real butter, not margarine and reall egg, not powder. So you can bet on these goodies are top quality too! 

Iconic Aussie ginger, dried apricots, dehydrated orange slices all in rich dark chocolate. Or maybe the sweeter side ? Premium Australian honey goes in to the honeycomb, or raspberry jellies coated in milk chocolate. just yum. 

Dark Chocolates coated treats are also vegan. 

About Emmalines 

Emmalines Country Kitchen was born in an Adelaide Hills kitchen in 1996 when Andrew & Susan Horwood saw a gap in the market for fresh, homestyle baked products. After selling out an initial run of Nutloaves in just one day, the pair spent the next few years outgrowing a number of premises before continued success forced them to a much larger location in the Heritage Listed Onkaparinga Woollen Mills.