31 Degrees - Caramacs


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Caramelised Macadamia's are enrobed by hand in exquisite Valrhona milk chocolate, before being dusted lightly in cocoa powder....

There are no words that do these little chocolatey delights justice. They are quite simply irresistable. You Must Try Them!

What began as a love of all things sweet for 31 Degrees founder Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick, eventually evolved into one of Brisbanes newsest and most premium retail chocolate businesses.

A trip to France cemented a deep love of chocolate in Kaitlyn, and upon returning to Australia she immediately began studying to become a pastry chef, until she truned her hand towards her true passion - chocolate.

31 Degrees has been operating since 2014 and has raised the standards for chocolatiers all across the state with their beautiful creations.