Alchemy - Chai Elixir Syrup


No need to go trekking down to the corner cafe for your daily chai latte anymore, Alchemy have got you covered!

Found in coffee shops Australia wide, Alchemy syrups have become ubiqutous with the nations cafe culture. The first choice for many baristas when searching for a premium quality syrup with unparalleled flavour.

It was during the 1990's that the flat white was invented here in Oz. A true sign of our ever-growing addiction to the beany brew. Enter Michael & Gale Bishop! Inspired to produce their own cordials and syrups after a friend gave them a sample of his homemade chilli cordial, the pair began experimenting and eventually founding Alchemy in 1997. They soon discovered that their syrups could fill a niche in the cafe industry - the need for premium quality coffee syrups.

Today their products are sold the world over, however the original vision and commitment to quality remains the same.