Altina - Non Alcoholic Spritz Cans


LE BLANC Elegant White Bubbles - Blending Australian native Wattleseed and Forestberry (Strawberry Gum) with the flavours of Apple and Green Tea, this truly distinct beverage is unlike any other. Perfectly fresh and balanced with a enjoyable earthy finish.

LA VIE EN ROSÉ Crisp Rosé Bubbles - Floral Pink Rose Petal, tart Native Rosella and the wamth of Cayenne Pepper pair beautifully with a vibrant Citrus zestiness. A fantastic start to a hot sunny afternoon!

SANSGRIA Vibrant Ruby Bubbles - An ode to the ever popular red wine punch, Sansgria combines bold Red Fruit flavours with a touch of Spice and Vanilla to deliver a taste that will have you shouting Olé!

Premium non-alcoholic beverage alternatives can be hard to find in the land of XXXX. Christina Delay & Alan Tse frustrated with this situation, and inspired by their own personal journey with sobriety, decided to found Altina Drinks. Built off Christina's background in Biotechnology and Plant Biology, along with Alan's business smarts, Altina boldy launched in 2018. 

Now, we at Mumbleberry love a good tipple or two (sometimes even three or four!), however there can be any number of good reasons for us to be avoiding the sauce, and this is our favourite beverage to imbibe when a clear-headed tomorrow is called for.