Antipodes Gin Co. - 200ml


Antipodes Gin Co. celebrates Australian unique botanicals with their elegant spirits and liqueurs. They are also Australia's first carbon neutral and certified organic distillery. Their bold commitment to this process is no small feat and the impeccable quality of their products reflect this undertaking. 

  • Classic - Refined with pure Australian rainwater and triple distilled with native and traditional botanicals. Simple, yet sophisticated
  • Pink Gin - Kakadu plum, strawberry gum, blue chamomile flowers, ruby red grapefruit and a myriad of native and exotic botanicals. Floral & fresh!
  • Shiraz Gin - Matured for 6 months in shiraz barrels, this unique gin exhibits notes of orange peel, sherbet and white jasmine.
  • Vodka - Triple distilled, charcoal filtered and finished with pure Australian rainwater. 
  • Espresso Liqueur - Made with organic single origin coffee beans, this makes the perfect start...or finish to your evening. 

Antipodes Gin Co. is the love child of Shane Reid & Rory Gration. Childhood friends who grew up in the Sunraysia region of Northern Victoria and Southern NSW. Sunraysia is blessed with ample sunshine year round making it a mecca for vignerons and citrus farmers alike. 

As the years past Shane & Rory moved to separate cities, however their friendship never faded, and finally in 2012 they came up with a project that would bring their families closer together once more. Herein lies Antipodes Gin Co. humble beginnings. 

Best enjoyed in the sunshine!