Baylies - Crackers


There is nothing so satisfying as the delicate snap of a well made cracker!

Baylies use only the most premium Australian ingredients, and their beautifully presented crackers will add a touch of sophistication to your next gathering as the must-have accompaniment to artisan cheese.

Sea Salt - With just a touch of flavour coming through from the extra virgin olive oil, these can be paired with any cheese you happen to be serving. While they may allow the cheese to take front stage, these are crackers you won't soon forget.

Dukkah - Laced with Baylies own house-made dukkah, these crackers are packed with Riverland almonds, coriander and cumin seeds. Perfect on their own or matched with a Fresh Fodder Dip that you can find in our 'from the fridge' product page.

Nigella Seed - Nigella seeds have a pleasant oniony note that gently flavours these crackers. Perfect to pair with a strong bitey cheese like Pyengana Cheddar