Bee 1/3 - Honeycomb


Bee 1/3 is the brainchild of Jack Stone. A brisbane local, Jack spent the years following high school travelling through Europe and the US working on organic farms. This planted a passion for sustainable farming and food practices that would become the inspiration for his urban beekeeping venture. He now has 150 hives along the East Coast that he tends to. 

Bee's are really really important! I'm sure you're probably sick of hearing it, but it is fundamentally true. European honey bees are the primary insect pollinator for cultivated agricultural and horticultural crops. In fact, they pollinate over a 1/3 of our global food supply. 

Almonds, Apples, Melons, Pumpkins, Plums, Avacados, Macadamias, Zucchinis....These are just a few of the crops that rely on the help of our little buzzing friends.