Bee Caring - Raw Honey


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Bee Caring. To put quite frankly, it is liquid GOLD!

What once began as a simple curiosity for Jonathan Blaschke, would eventually grow into a wholistic philosophy and a tidy little business. After befriending a hobbyist Beekeeper at age 16, Jonathan's passion for these little pollenators quickly grew into an obsession. After aquiring some hives of his own, he even built a custom window to better observe his buzzy wards.

What sets Bee Caring apart is the entirely natural process that Jonathan allows his bees to work under. Typically a beekeeper will set  fresh pre-structured frames into a hive that force bees to create a very formulaic comb. While this provides higher yields, Jonathan prefers to let his bees comb their own way.

It is our duty to respect and care for the land we live on, including the creatures that we share it with. Jonathan truly understands this, and practices it every day when visiting his hives.