Bippi - Italian Style Chilli


An absolute must have for any home cook!

While this super versatile condiment makes the perfect spread for panini's, burgers & sandwiches, it has so many more uses than just this!

A real favourite of the Mumbleberry team, this chilli can be used in so many ways!

  • As the base to an easy pasta sauce (just add garlic, omnion and fresh cherry tomatoes)
  • Perfect with eggs for breakfast
  • Spice up some mayonaise for a delicious dipping sauce
  • Perfect to add to marinades (chicken will love it!)
  • Give your next caprese salad a good chilli kick
  • Add to your bolognese or lasagne for a real flavour bomb
  • Spread generously with cheese over baked potatoes! 

Bippi is the name given to Nonna Emilia's homemade chilli. Her grandson Ben Circosta thought it was time to share the family secret recipe with the world, and so Bippi Chilli was born!