Nosferatu Distillery - Gin (200ml)


Rory Smith has combined his two great loves into the award winning company, Nosferatu Distillery

As a young man, Rory was fascinated by cinema. So much so he joined art college, with the hopes of one day making it 'big' in holywood. It sadly became apparent to Rory that this dream was just not going to eventuate, however his second love affair, the world of wine & spirits, would inspire his true calling!

Nosferatu - Blood red in colour this gin is bursting with juicy orange sweetness, cleverly balanced with a gentle bitter finish

Mandrake - Bright, fresh and perfect for a summer afternoon. This cucumber & mint gin is best matched with soda water in order to let it's delicate flavour sing.

Giselle - This pavlova flavoured gin is loaded with notes of pure vanilla, torched sugar and double cream. Perfect for use in delicate cocktails or simplyy served over ice.