Brookfarm Macadamias


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The Brookfarm story is one of regeneration, revitalisation and respect for Mother Earth.

In 1991 Pam & Martin Brook made their dream of a country lifestyle a reality when they purchased a rundown dairy farm in the Byron Bay hinterland. Sadly, the land had been ravaged by aggressive commercial farming practices and needed some TLC in order to heal. Pam & Martin got to work hacking away lantana and other invasive plants when, as luck would have it, they came upon a small pocket of rainforest that was barely surviving. This desperate oasis would become the heart and inspiration for the rest of the farm.

Now, over thirty years later, Brookfarm has a corridor of lush sub-tropical rainforect that runs through their macadamia orchards. The biodiversity this tract reintroduced has improved their soil health tenfold and naturally keeps nasty pests away, allowing their farm to be both bait and pesticide free.

Brookfarm deeply respects their land, and as simple as it may be, this is the secret to all great food everywhere. We can taste the difference in quality, and we just know that you will as well. Yum!