Brookies - Premix


Dry Gin & Tonic with Native Finger Lime - This classic G&T is uplifted with tropical rainforest finger lime.  

Native Plum Gin Spritz with Mint & Strawberry - Gentle notes of sweet plum and strawberry are beautifully balanced with a good lick of wild mint to deliver a dry refreshing spritz.

The Brookies story is one of regeneration, revitalisation and respect for Mother Earth.

In 1991 Pam & Martin Brook made their dream of a country lifestyle a reality when they purchased a rundown dairy farm in the Byron Bay hinterland. Sadly, the land had been ravaged by aggressive commercial farming and all that was left was a small pocket of rainforest that was barely surviving. This desperate oasis would become the heart and inspiration for the rest of the farm and their appreciation for nature can be tasted in all their fantastic tipples.

Brookies Gin is great for cocktails, and the planet!