Byron Bay Peanut Butter Co. - Satay Sauce


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"These satay sauces absolutely blew me away! All gluten free and vegan, good enough to eat from the jar .... no really. Red Curry is a best seller in store, with a chilli kick and hints of lime and lemongrass. Use them as a dip for literally anything!" ~ Lucy George, Mumbleberry Owner  

Just pure nuts! Byron Bay locals Tim Lannan and partner James Annabel could certainly claim the title. After conceiving of their new nutty enterprise they took to social media to begin drumming up interest for their first ever market stall. However, they got a little more interest than they expected when a food distributor contacted them directly wanting to place an order for an entire pallet of peanut butter. They boys had their first order, and it was huge.

The secret to Byron Bay Peanut Butter Co.'s delicious condiment is the dark roast they apply and the top quality nuts they source.