Curiously Cauli - Cauliflower Crackers


"Our aim is to take the humble cauliflower and make it contemporary and inviting to the now generation. So it’s with delight that we share this unique superfood and celebrate its versatility, great taste and all round goodness" - Bianca Luscombe

Both Vegan & Gluten-free, these light crisp crackers are made from a blend of fresh cauliflower puree & flaxseed along with a sprinkle of tapioca & rice flour. A fun & healthy alternative to standard crackers, they are great for snacking or are equally at home with a charcuterie board or cheese platter.

Curiously Cauli is the brainchild of Bianca Luscombe, a long-time sufferer of Type 1 diabetes. After many years experimenting with her diet in order to better manage her condition, she discovered the wonderful versatility of the humble cauliflower. It's nutty sweet flavour, along with it's robust texture, made it a fantastic substitute in many recipes she would normally have to avoid.