The Chai Stand - Dukkah


Add these premium Dukkah blends to salads, fish, hommous & steaks. Or simply serve with EVOO and fresh bread!

Egyptian Dukkah - Organic Australian almonds, toasted spices & Olssons Salt

Hemp Seed Dukkah - Made to the same recipe as above with the adddition of hulled Australian hemp seed. 'Hemp hearts' carry so many nutritional benefits that we couldn't possibly list them all here. You'll jusst have to trust us!

The Chai Stand is a purveyor of premium tea blends & bespoke spice blends. 

After a brush with cancer, Steve Manolas decided to make some big changes to his lifestyle in search of better health and happiness. He traded in a stressful hospitality partnership in one of the Gold Coats most successful cafes for a more slow-paced business of his own creation - The Chai Stand.