The Chilli Love Co. - Chilli Jam


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"The Chilli Love Co. was founded with one goal in mind: Flavour . . . and a love for Chilli!"

This is Chilli Love Co's mission statement, and we can confirm that if flavour is what you're searching for, then look no further.

Please...Berry Me Alive! - The combination of juicy Strawberries, Raspberries & Blackberries with a generous kick of Red Chilli creates a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Chilli Love Co's OG chilli jam!

Jalapeño Business...Citrus just got Real! - Inspired by the flavours of Mexico & Thailand, this Jalapeño & Lime Jam packs a tropical punch. Perfect as an accompaniment to a sharp cheddar or mixed into a summer cocktail.

I'm a the Butt! - The spiciest of the lot! Farm fresh Peaches gently cooked down with blazing hot Habanero Chilli, this jam is not for the faint of heart. It makes an awesome glaze for ham, or simply serve drizzled over icecream for a devilish dessert. 

Everyone has a food experience of their childhood that they'll never forget. Perhaps it was your first icecream at the beach, or maybe toasted marshmallows by the fire. For Chilli Love co., it was an entree of fresh warm bread and chilli jam. After lifetime searching for a jam that would replicate the experience, they decided that it was time to make some of their own!