Debra Hood - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


"There is so much about Brisbane I love…. Its abundance of colourful flora that continually changes throughout the year. Its perfumes. It’s intensity of light. Having to respond to the sub-tropical climate Brisbane people are relaxed, unpretentious and open. These lifestyle traits are also reflected in the Queenslander home and I think my work responds to the joy of living in such a place." ~ Debra Hood

Local artist Debra Hood has spent the past 20 years creating explosively colourful vistas of Brisbane with a focus on the iconic 'Queenslander'. Her gorgeous paintings capture the bright spirit of the Sunshine State.

As the perfect way to spend a balmy Brisbane afternoon this puzzle will have the entire family fighting for the corner pieces.    

Finished puzzle 80cm x 100cm. 1000 pieces