From Basque With Love - Pouch


"These little bags make preparing natural, delicious meals simple, just add hot water or stock and done! The Paella is one of my favourites - once you've added everything, you can literally walk away and let it do its thing, and most importantly it will give you that classic paella crust on the bottom! Tuscan Risotto is my go-to when I need impressive delicious food on the table in 30 mins, and the result tastes like you've slaved away at it for hours." ~ Lucy George, Mumbleberry Owner  

Susana Corcoba grew up in Basque Country in the north of Spain. It was here that she would develop a love of cooking from her mother, who would always be preparing something fresh from the local markets.

From Basque With Love is an ode to this heritage and the joy of a spending quality time with family. As a mother Susana understands that sometimes you just need good food in a hurry and without fuss. Each of her pouches is packed full of carefully selected raw grains, fruit, nuts, herbs and spices. Delicious food made easy!