Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery - Spirits & Liqueurs (500ml)


Greenhouse Gin - A light style gin with a refreshing flavour. Delicate notes of grapefruit, cucumber and fresh cut herbs.

Two Pencils - A full on juniper experience describes this gin best. Fans of the classic London dry style take note.

65 Miles - At 57% ABV (alcohol by volume) this gin is not for the feint of heart. Heavily spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, clove and orange. A fiery spirit indeed!

Penny Vodka - Made from the leftover grapes from winemaking known as grape marc, this clean spirit comes with just a hint of fruitiness. Pure and simple!

Barbershop Coffee Liqueur - Made with coffee sourced from Burleigh Head's based roaster, Social Espresso. This delightful liqueur is infused with vanilla, coconut, cinnamon & eucalyptus and proudly boasts the title of "World's Best Coffee Liqueur" from the San Francisco World Spirits Awards.  

There are few companies with such a storied and rich history to their business name as Granddad Jack's. Titled after the indomitable David Goulding, known to many as ‘Granddad Jack’, the distillery pays homage to the incredible man that he was.

Entrepreneurial father & son team, David and Luke Ridden, were pondering over a way to honour their beloved late father/grandfather in an exciting new business venture. While sipping on a tipple or two one afternoon they recalled Jack's obsession with making homemade whiskey, and the idea to open a distillery was born.

As the very first Distillery to open on the Gold Coast, Granddad Jack's has set the bar high. Aside from being delicious, each of their products comes with a delightful tale about Jack.