Grandvewe Cheese - Drunken Admiral


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Inspired by the 'drunken' wine-soaked cheeses of Italy, Drunken Admiral is aged for three months then covered completely in locally produced red wine. It's mild & nutty base flavour is complimented by fruity red berry notes and lightly peppered finish.

A truly handsome cheese that will steal the spotlight on any cheeseboard. Unsurprisingly it matches wonderfully with medium and light bodied reds.

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I’m not sure I will do this company justice with so few words. Grandvewe is an entrepreneurial family-centric business with a strong focus on zero wastage, diversification, innovation, and ‘eweunique’ products.

What started as a simple Tasmanian 'tree-change' ended up becoming a love affair with sheep for founder of Grandvewe Cheese, Diane Rae. Her two kids, Nicole & Ryan, jumped on board and have transformed the business even further. For a rolicking good tale head to the Grandvewe website and check out their story.