Grounded Pleasures - Hot Chocolate


  • Original
  • Sicilian Orange
  • French Mint
  • Chilli
  • Cinnamon
  • Pink Salt Caramel

It was a Churros con chocolate experience at age seven while on holiday through Spain that cemented the love of chocolate in Craig McKenzie's heart.

Craig would go on to have a successful hospitality career, however the chocolate obsession of his tenders years would eventaully catch up to him after twenty years or so. With his experience working in cafes he noticed a that no one was producing a truly premium hot chocolate in Australia.

His research into single origin cocoa lead him to a flavoursome bean from Ghana. This would become the foundation for Grounded Pleasures first hot chocolate recipe. Today they source exquisite cocoa from Ghana, Tanzania, Ecuador, Peru and the Brazilian Amazon to produce their delicious and unrivalled Hot Chocolate powders.