Hive & Harvest - Raw Honey


Raw Honey simply refers to honey that has not been pasteurised - a technique used by large manufacturers in order to achieve a consistent product and slow down the natural crystalization of the honey. Raw honey has not been heat-treated in this way, which preserves all the incredible antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and healthy enzymes naturally found in honey. Raw Honey is just so much better for you!

Brisbane - Sourced from local rooftop hives this honey is medium in sweetness, with distinct notes of lavender, citrus, rosemary & basil.

Hinterland - Sourced from Maleny, Montville & the surrounding hinterland, this honey really exhibits a particular fruitiness that is clearly influenced by local orchards & subtropical flora.

Seaside - Sourced from hives located in Redland Bay (Quandamooka Country) and influenced by coastal gums and melaleucas, this honey is high in minerality and antioxidants.

Country - Eucalyptus flowers from Red Gum, Tumbledown Gum & Ironbark dominate the profile of this bright honey - a complex and rich flavour.

What began as a backyard hobby in Paddington, Brisbane, has since expanded into a state-wide business enterprise for Mike Doyle.

Mike has a deep fascination for bees, the honey they produce, and the extraordinary complexity that provenance plays in this process. His core range of products are focused around the beautiful variations that location can have on honey. We invite you to try each one of Hive & Harvest's amazing raw honey!