KokoPod - Grazing Chocolate


These delicate squares of chocolate art have been designed specifically to feature on grazing/charcuterie platters and cheese boards. Each chocolate is laden with both sweet and savoury ingredients that will challenge the way you think about chocolate. 

Shatter them and present them at your next soiree and be ready for guests to ask where you got them from. 

Brigid Woolnough was lucky enough to visit Germany at age 16 on an exchange program. Even luckier still that her host father happened to work for an international commercial chocolate company. Here she was introduced in the most intense of ways to the wide world of chocolate. She recalls assorted chocoalte 'supplies' being stored in various kitchen cupboards. Truly an awful temptation for a 16 year old!

Brigid's more personal journey began in 2012 while on maternity leave from her teaching job. Between baby duties she launched into a six week chocolate-making course in Melbourne. Since then KokoPod has gone from success to success, winning the Small Business Award for Food & Agribusiness on the Sunshine Coast in 2019.