Long Rays Single


Australia has seen massive growth in locally produced spirits over the past twenty years (a fact we are extraordinarily happy about here at Mumbleberry), and it was only natural that high quality mixers were to follow.

Much like any sensible person, Shivam Reddy is a avid G&T fanatic, and it was this obsession that lead him to found Long Rays in 2018. His former corporate career had taken him all over the world, allowing him to try Gin from all corners of the planet. It was from this experience that he came to appreciate just how distinctive and exciting Gin's created from our unique native Australian botannicals truly were. 

Long Rays have carefully collaborated with local distillers to create a range of tonics designed specifically for Australian made spirits. Try the entire range to discover your favourite!

Original - Dry and balanced with delicate notes of lemon myrtle and Tasmanian mountain pepper

Pacific - Made with less quinine and sugar, this tonic is low in bitterness and as refreshing as the ocean.

Citrus - Doubling down on that juicy citrus kick you crave, it is loaded with zesty grapefruit and blood orange

Dark - Designed with dark spirits in mind. A blend of orange peel, smoked vanilla, ginger & kola nut. Dark & Stormy anyone?