Maffra Cheese Co. - Cloth-Ashed Cheddar


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Maffra Cheese Co. is situated just outside the township of Maffra in Gippsland, Victoria and is the brainchild of Ferial Zekiman. Founded in 1991, Maffra has become one of Australia's true cheesy success stories. Certainly a key to this is the fact that this is a true Farmhouse Cheese, which is a very special thing indeed.

If unfamiliar with this term, it refers to cheese that is made on the same farm where the cows live, graze and are milked. Due to the costly nature of maintaining a farm many modern cheesemakers simply buy milk from local farms instead. 

The benefit of farmhouse cheese is that you are using the freshest possible milk along with having the most amount of control over said milk. Having direct access to the cows means you can provide them with best possible care which ensures you have the highest quality milk. This is immediately obvious when you take a bite of a piece of Maffra Cloth-Aged Cheddar. Truly a cheddar worthy of any cheeseboard!