Maffra Cheese Co. - Mature Cheddar & UK Territorials


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Maffra Cheese Co. is situated just outside the township of Maffra in Gippsland, Victoria and is the brainchild of Ferial Zekiman. Founded in 1991, Maffra has become one of Australia's true cheesy success stories. The continous dedication to traditional techniques and the wellbeing of their cows will undoubtedly secure them an honoured place in the Australian Cheese Industry for many years to come.

Mature Cheddar - Aged for a minimum of 9 months, this cheddar is full of flavour. Cheerful tropical fruit notes are well balanced with a smooth creamy texture and a tangy finish. It pairs nicely with a well structured medium to full bodied red.

Cheshire - With a mild flavour and classically crumbly texture, this cheese is perfectly at home on a ploughmans board where it will play nicely with any accompaniment. A good match to this cheese are fruity beers or a dry white wine as these will contrast/complement the cheese respectively.

Wensleydale - Bright, fresh and lactic, this cheese was made famous worldwide by the beloved Wallace & Gromit. It's light appealing flavour pairs wonderfully with sweet ripe fruit which has lead it to be traditionally served with fruitcake in the UK. 

Red Leicester - It get's it's distinct orange hue from the addition of Annatto, a natural food colouring derived from the seeds of the Achiote Tree native to South & Central America. It's mellow flavour is offset with a salty kick which makes it a perfect match for a strong ale and a generous slice of rye bread.