Mindful Foods - Maple Munchies



Are you a snacker? Because everyone here at Mumbleberry certainly is. When you work in a shop surrounded by sugary treats like we do, it is far too easy to reach for chocolate when you feel a little peckish. 

Enter Mindful Foods!

These delicious 'Maple Munchies' are packed full of activated nuts and a myriad of other tasty and nutritional ingredients. Perfect for the office, home or car. Have these scrumptious treats ready for when the cravings hit!

"We can use food as medicine in our everyday lives, to help realign us to a state of balance" ~ Mindful Foods

Georgie & James set out with the words above deeply in mind when they co-founded Mindful Foods in Byron Bay. They had never intended to create their own busines, however after supplying their local food co-op with some homemade granola, it soon became clear that the demand local customers had required a substantial expansion to their operation.

Today Mindful Foods makes more than just granola, having added a huge range of snacks, supplements, teas and pantry essentials to their evergrowing range of products.