Margarita Margarita - Margarita Mix


Jess & Andrew love Margs. Sweet, Salty, Sour & Refreshing. Who wouldn't love them?

After a fun-filled holiday to Maui, the obsession with this mexican cocktail was firmly cemented in their heart. So much so, they decided to buy a van and take margaritas to the masses. They now operate a mobile Margarita bar that you can hire for your next function or party.

But they didn't stop here, they also decided to create a range of Margarita mixes so that you could easily enjoy a tasty Marg at home. Mumbleberry staff swear by these mixes and we all have at least one ready to go at home.

The Classic Marg - There's a reason it is called the classic. Enough said.

The Blood Orange Marg - The zesty yet sweet taste of blood orange makes a great Marg.

The Passionfruit Marg - Tart passionfruit gives this Marg an extra tropical kick. 

The Pineapple Marg - Juicy Queensland Pineapple makes any Marg better!

and now .....

The Good Time Guava Marg - In Collaboration with Brisbane's very own Sheppard!