Ministry of Chocolate - Dark


Powerhouse couple Drew & Karin Maddison are true chocolate fanatics. Drew handles the chocolatey creations, while Karin ensures the wheels keep turning business-wide.

Ministry of Chocolate got it's start in the Melbourne market scene where it soon became so popular that the couple couldn't keep up with demand. So, in 2012 they decided to make the leap to a dedicated retail outlet attached to their now famous 'Chocolate Lab', where eager chocolate lovers can watch the production of all their marvellous creations.

With a dedicated approach to sustainability and ethics, Ministry of Chocolate makes every effort to continuously improve this facet of their business. The cocoa they use comes from both Daintree Estates in North Queensland and Belgian company Callebaut, who support third world growers via projects that build local schools and hospitals. Further to this, they use no palm oil, produce all the honey they need from beehives on their roof, and are constantly looking for ways to reduce wasteful excess packaging.