Naught Distilling | Australian Gin | 200ml


Naught Distilling Co. is the brainchild of former professional Basketball player Chris Cameron. After a stint playing in both Singapore and America, Chris would return to Australia in order to spend more time with his family. He traded in his basketball dreams for a new one. Opening his own wine bar. This project, along with his budding interest in alcohol Distilling, would prove to be the perfect match. 

All of Naught's Gin is distilled 'low-n-slow' in order to extract the maximum flavour potential of all their premium ingredients.

Australian Dry -  Notes of fresh juniper, bright citrus and toasted wattle seed play wonderfully together in this award winning gin.

Overproof - Rich in the flavours of pink lady apples, fresh lime and pink grapefruit. Perfect for cocktails!

Sangiovese - The inclusion of Sangiovese Grapes in this gin makes for a tipple bursting with abundant ripe red berry notes along with a gentle spiced finish.

Naught Distilling Co. produces a collection of internationally awarded Gin directly from their distillery in North Melbourne. If you are lucky enough to live nearby, you can even pop into the elegant speakeasy style cocktail bar that Chris has built right next to the distillery. Dream big, and drink up!