Noosa Black Garlic Range


Noosa Black Garlic source their Organic Elephant Garlic from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, free from any preservatives or additives. 

So what is Black Garlic? Its not a variety. And Its certainly burnt or smoked. Black Garlic is made via a unique aging process - only time and temperature change the regular garlic we know in to the dark sweet rich umami parcel that is Black Garlic. 

Why is is better? Well, its different. Black Garlic has a richer flavour and the maillard reaction (science bit of the aging process) breaks down all the strong harsh bitty flavours that you get with fresh garlic. The result is less garlic breath, and a easier to digest whilst still being high in antioxidants. 

Give it a go! You wont be disappointed! My favouite combos so far has been the

  • Black Garlic White Balsamic on Salad with Lasagna or Pasta, and 
  • Black Garlic Honey over Woombye Triple Cream Brie.