Pink Lady - Milk Chocolate Koala (125g)


Pink Lady Chocolates have been satisfying Australians since 1938 with their incredibly smooth chocolatey creations. The secret is in the conch they say!

If you are unfamiliar with this term, never fear, so were we until just recently. Conching is the process of slowly heating and mixing the primary ingredients of chocolate - cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar and any "flavouring" such as vanilla or essential oils. To put very simply, the purpose of this heating and mixing is to reduce bitterness, evenly distribute cocoa butter and smooth out the texture of the chocolate.

Traditionalists say that the more thoroughly the chocolate is conched, the better it tastes. I imagine Pink Lady would agree as they conch their chocolate until it's particles are just sixteen microns in size. What does this mean? Super amazing chocolate is what this means!

**High quality chocolate can be troublesome to ship via courier as it is extremely heat sensitive. We are always happy to accommodate delivery, however we strongly advise that you pick-up your order if possible.**