Chocolatier - Puddles The Platypus


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Ditch the bunny this year and grab yourself something a little more true blue!

Chocolatier donate 25% of their profits from this cute little easter treat to the Australian Platypus Conservatory. So this is chocolate you can really feel good about eating!

The 1980's were considered transformative for Australia's food scene. Those once satisfied with the classic 'meat & potatoes' were now looking abroad for something a little more refined and exciting.

Brothers John & David Grisold could smell change on the wind and boldly chose to open a premium chocolate factory in Diamond Creek, Melbourne, fashioned after those found in Europe. It wouldn't be long until third brother Mark would join the pair adding his manufacturing experience to the mix.

Chocolatier still remains one of Australia's premier family owned and operated chocolate manufacturers. The brothers have continued to make sweeping improvements over the years and we are excited to see what the future may hold for them. Yum!

**High quality chocolate can be troublesome to ship via courier as it is extremely heat sensitive. We are always happy to accommodate delivery, however we strongly advise that you pick-up your order if possible.**