Red Clipper - Hot Sauce


Habanero, Green Papaya, Pimento & Mango - A Carribean style hot sauce with a lick of fruity sweetness to balance it out. Add to curries for extra depth of flavour, or douse liberally over jerked chicken (MEDIUM HEAT)

Habanero, Mango, Rockmelon & Lime - Powered by loads of tropical fruit, this sauce can jazz up a summer salad, while being equally at home on some fresh prawns (MEDIUM HEAT)

Jalapeno, Green Tomato & Coriander - Bright, fresh and funky! We love this on fish tacos or any other dishes you want to freshen up. Lots of lime and coriander! (MILD HEAT)

Red Clipper believes that Chilli does not get the appreciation it deserves. With roughly 4000 different chilli varieties around the world, the humble Chilli doesn't look so humble anymore. Some varieties deliver more fruitiness, while others can be more vegetal. There are those that will scorch the soul out of your body, and others that will simply give it a mild sizzle.