Ridiculously Delicious - Peanut Butter Cookies


Need a snack but don't want over indulge? These miniture cookies make the perfect guilt-free treat. You can even reseal the bag! Good luck ;)

We are nuts about snacking at Mumbleberry, and you won't find a better treat than Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Butter Cookies. Light, crisp and packed full of peanuts these cookies really hit the spot. You butter believe it!  

Ridiculous Delicious prides itself on keeping their Peanut Butter recipe simple. They source their nuts from sun-drenched Kingaroy, right in the heart of Queenslands 'peanut belt'. They are then naturally dried, de-shelled, and slowly roasted to perfection. After grinding them into 'butter', a touch of Murray River Salt is added. Simple!

100% Australian, 100% Ridiculously Delicious!