Sabarac - Hot Sauce


"Why do we love Geoff's Sauces - because they are fun, playful, inspired and damned right delicious! Our personal favourite is the Watermelon (2/10 spice) - but I am not one for the super hot. Japanese Miso (4/10) is our best seller, alongside its spicier sister Karamiso (6/10). For those who really love to bring the heat try the Carolina Reaper (10/10) or the Reap What You Sow (Extreme). These sauces are not for the feint of heart, so just remember, you have been warned!" ~ Lucy George, Mumbleberry Owner

Sabarac is Australia's premier producer of fermented hot sauces and condiments. Founded by Geoff Barker after an inspiring visit to a Low-n-Slow style BBQ restaurant in Melbourne that made their own hot sauce, he returned to Brisbane hoping to create one of his very own. Not wanting to stick to traditional recipes, Geoff began getting creative and came up with his first watermelon flavoured hot sauce. These days he has a vast range of unique flavours for you to try at your own peril!